"Wars of the Wombs: Struggles Over Abortion Policies in Israel," Israel Studies Vol. 20, No. 2, May 2015. 

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"A Jewish couple's battle for civil partnership equality in the UK," Haaretz (20 January 2015)

"Comment: The struggle for relationship equality is not over - it's time to open civil partnerships to all," Pink News (10 December 2014) (co-authored with Charles Keidan)

"We're an opposite-sex couple and we want a civil partnership. Why aren't we allowed one?" The Independent (10 December 2014) (co-authored with Charles Keidan)

"Civil partnerships should be for everyone, no exceptions," Guardian's Comment is Free (3 December 2014) (co-authored with Charles Keidan)

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Radio and Podcasts:

Wars of the Wombs: Struggles over Abortion Policies in Israel, Middle East Centre, LSE (7 June 2016)
This is a recording of paper I presented at LSE's Middle East Centre on the historical and contemporary struggles that have led to the gap between the restrictions on, and availability of, abortion in Israel. The talk I gave is based on a journal article that I published in Israel Studies in 2015, which you can read and/or download here.   

"Civil Partnership Amendment" BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (21 October 2015)  To coincide with the first debate in Parliament of Tim Loughton MP's (Con) Private Member's Bill to amend the Civil Partnership Act 2004 by removing the clause limiting civil partnerships to same-sex couples, I was interviewed by Jane Garvey. I appeared alongside the legal scholar and human rights expert, Professor Robert Wintemute, and I spoke about the importance of equalizing civil partnerships in the UK by opening them up to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation. 

"Heterosexual Couples and Civil Partnerships" BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (23 December 2014)
To coincide with my partner, Charles Keidan, and I taking our legal case to open civil partnerships to all to the High Court in London, we spoke to Jane Garvey about why having a civil partnership is so important to us and the thousands of other long-term cohabiting opposite-sex couples who want to formalise their relationships within a modern social institution. 

"Heterosexual Civil Partnerships" BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (26 May 2014) 
My partner, Charles Keidan, and I contributed to a discussion on heterosexual civil partnerships on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. In it, we explain why it's important for us to formalise our commitment to each other within a modern social institution that reflects our egalitarian values. We highlight the principle of equality that is at stake in opening up civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples, and explain that discrimination against heterosexual couples will continue in the absence of swift government action on this issue. We point out that the UK is behind the times in this regard, since other states - in particular France, the Netherlands and New Zealand - already have provisions for opposite-sex couples to form civil partnerships. We hope that the UK government will follow suit and commit itself to true civil partnership equality by immediately extending civil partnerships to all. 

"Cutting Tradition" BBC Radio 3 (7 November 2013)
This 15-minute radio essay, which was recorded at the Sage in Gateshead for Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival, explores recent debates about circumcision in Europe. It asks what the place of religious traditions involving genital cutting is in today’s world, and where the line should be drawn between parents’ rights to religious freedom on the one hand, and children’s rights to bodily integrity and an open future on the other. It also considers whether comparisons between male and female genital cutting are justified.  

"Fertility Policies in Israel" BBC Radio 3 (19 June 2013)
This 5-minute piece outlines my research questions, findings and argument, and ends by reflecting on the implications for democracy in Israel and in ethnic conflict. It was broadcast on Radio 3's flagship arts and ideas programme, Night Waves, for my debut as one of 10 BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinkers 2013.

"Birth Right" Tablet Magazine (20 June 2011) 
I was interviewed by Sara Ivry for Tablet Magazine's podcast, Vox Tablet, about my doctoral research on fertility policies in Israel. I discussed the evolution of these policies, from Ben-Gurion's cash “Birth Prizes” awarded to mothers on the birth of their 10th child in the early days of the state to today’s heavily subsidized fertility procedures for women who wish to conceive, and about accusations that these policies have favoured Jewish citizens over others.


"Victoria Derbyshire Programme" BBC2 & BBC News Channel (21 October 2015)
My partner Charles Keidan and I took part in a panel discussion on the Victoria Derbyshire programme about equalizing civil partnerships in the UK by opening them up to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

"Sunday Morning Live" BBC 1 (1 July 2012)
On Sunday 1 July 2012, I appeared on the BBC1 programme, Sunday Morning Live, contributing to a debate about circumcision, parents' religious rights and children's rights. 

PhD Thesis:

War of the Wombs: The History and Politics of Fertility Policies in Israel, 1948-2010. Submitted to the University of Oxford in 2011.