Sunday 24 November 2013

"Woman's Womb or National Uterus? The Politics of Abortion in Israel" at SOAS Centre for Gender Studies

Last week, I gave a guest lecture on the politics of abortion in Israel at the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London. 

In my talk, I outlined the gap between the legal status of, and practical access to, abortion in Israel, and provided an historical explanation for the discrepancy between these legal limitations and widespread access. I also highlighted the implications for women's reproductive rights in particular, and the status of women in Israel more broadly, of this intrusion into women's reproductive lives. In addition, I provided some comparative context in which to situate the Israeli case. I concluded by linking my analysis of abortion in Israel to my wider analysis of the history and politics of reproduction in Israel, and to internal domestic conflicts over Israel's political identity.  

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my research with the engaged audience of faculty and students at SOAS's Centre for Gender Studies, as well as the reproductive healthcare practitioners who attended. I especially appreciated their challenging and thought provoking questions, which provided me with a stimulating intellectual work-out! Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed, and especially to the Centre for Gender Studies for inviting me to present my research.